Monday Motivation: Finding a Focal Point

Sunday morning before we left for church, I spent a few minutes looking over a my notes for a Sunday School lesson I would be teaching.

My three year old little girl—the little girl who is bouncing, running, twirling, bounding, wiggling from the moment she leaps out of bed till the moment she climbs back into it—my “Tigger-ish” little girl was sitting quite still next to me in her pink corduroy dress, white tights, and bright pink shoes. Her little legs were crossed, and she had her pink New Testament opened in her lap. Keep reading here.

One thought on “Monday Motivation: Finding a Focal Point

  1. Beautiful! Too often we miss moments like this due to our “busyness.” It is wonderful that you were open to a gift that God was giving you at that moment! 🙂

    Many blessings,

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