Preschool Play and School

I thought I’d spend today updating you on the little one’s activities. She has good days and bad days in the school room; and though overall I’d say we have a blast, we still have days that are much less than successful. Of course, I don’t often think to grab the camera during the fits, so all you ever get to see is her sweet smiling face. But just to encourage you, my little one also has days when nothing is going to make her happy.

On our better days, however, we play with some of our Letter of the Week activities.

Then, she usually has a couple of fine motor skills activities: cutting, threading/lacing, and other coordination fun. This time, I had her balance the pom-poms on top of the pegs. She was thrilled with this, and experimented with different sizes for awhile to see which ones worked best.

We also love our teddy bears. I pull these out 2 to 3 times a week and use them with both of the kids. With the little one, we practice color sorting, size sorting, counting, and filling shapes.

Last of all, we tackle some counting and number recognition. I went ahead and pulled out my pumpkin cards the other day, just for the fun of fall.

She always amazes me with what she is learning, many times picking up on lessons when I thought she was most uninterested or resistant. I don’t force her to do “school” with us, and sometimes she’ll opt to go play rather than finish her pockets. But most of the time, she loves being with us and having big girl things to do just like her brother has. And, of course, we love having her playing alongside.

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  1. It is so cool that she loves learning and schoolwork already!

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