Nigeria, Part 2

We’ve been wrapping our study in Nigeria, and I wanted to share a few of our highlights.

During the last part of our first week, we finished our country and flag notebooking pages.

Coloring the country of Nigeria


Coloring the Flag of Nigeria


In addition to learning where Nigeria is on a map, we studied their flag. The green represents the agriculture (“farming”) and the white stands for unity (“lots of different people coming together as one country”).

In week two, we cover culture and missions. In addition to our prayer cards, we read a couple of pages from Children Just Like Me and complete a notebooking page. For the little one, I have a fantastic sticker dolly dressing book from Usborne. The book features people from around the world with sticker clothing to match. The little one gets to find the outfit that fits the person from the country we are studying (with quite a bit of help, but it still intrigues her).

The countries don’t always match up with our study, but when we do get to pull out this activity, it’s a big hit.

Then, we finish our second week with a missionary story. This week, we read about Mary Slessor, a missionary to the cannibals of Africa (thankfully, the story was about her work with orphans, confronting the false belief in “evil spirits”, and showing the African women the truth of God).

I really appreciated the missionary book we read from, Ten Girls Who Changed the World. At the end of each short story, there is a little discussion section that ends with a sample prayer to pray. The discussion and prayer was about allowing God to use our personalities to serve Him, and boldly standing up for what is right.

Do they comprehend everything we cover? Probably not. But I’m a firm believer in over-estimating rather than under-estimating what they will pick up. And what I cover today is laying a foundation for covering the same concepts more thoroughly in the future.

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