Praying for Unreached Peoples

Geo card and prayer cards for South Africa

One of my favorite aspects to our geography study is praying for the unreached people within the countries that we are studying.

In college, I had put together a country notebook of different places I wanted to pray for, and one aspect of my notebook was finding the population of a country, finding the percentage of Christians within that country, and doing the math to find out how many people that left within the country who were unsaved. For instance, if a country had a population of 1 million with 20% Christians, I’d multiply that 1 million by 80%. I’d let that number sink in, trying to comprehend how many people within that particular country were going to hell. It was extremely moving, especially when some of those numbers were too large to even figure on my calculator.

Sharing that burden with my children has been such a unique privilege, and seeing their tiny hearts grasp the need and be moved by that need brings the burden fresh within me. The shocked look on their innocent faces when we talked about our prayer card for the Duwai people of Nigeria, and I explained that these people had no Bible at all—it truly stirs my own heart.

And my son, touched with the needs of the people he is praying for, will say, “They need to come to our church” or “How can we tell them about God if we can’t drive our cars there?” My four year old son, not yet saved himself, is moved by the fact that there are people who have never heard about his God, moved to the point of wanting to do something.

Their daddy is planning a mission trip to Honduras. Last year, the trip was to an orphanage in Peru. And part of my goal for geography was to provide a context for the kids, to help them grasp what it was Daddy was trying to accomplish. Another goal was merely to give them a vision for how big their world was and a vision for reaching that world with the Good News. The result I didn’t expect—how their tender hearts would touch and convict my own.

How long has it been since I worried about how far my car could go?

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  1. Beautiful post! What an amazing way to begin teaching your children to have a heart for God’s mission. Did you make the prayer cards yourself or find them somewhere!

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