Roughing a First Draft

Growing Your HomeschoolI’m continuing my series on teaching writing over at Growing Your Homeschool. Come join me!

An important part of making writing fun is getting rid of the dread, making the activity unexpected and engaging and opening a world of expression for your child. We’ve discussed a great deal about brainstorming, and now it’s time to head into the first draft.

Really, the first draft is just a method to organize the brainstorm, nothing more. It should never be graded or slaughtered with that red pen. Typos, grammar errors, misspellings—they should all be safe in a first draft because nothing silences an idea like premature criticism.
A first draft is your child’s opportunity to flesh out the skeleton of ideas he has accumulated through sketching and brainstorming. And it’s supposed to be rough; thus, the name “rough draft.”
A Writer’s Vulnerability
The best writing happens when we open ourselves to others and become vulnerable. For a child approaching this scary moment of transparency for the first time, we have to create an atmosphere of safety. Your child may refuse to write because, bottom-line, he’s afraid. Read the rest of the post…