Casual Fridays

Last week, I initiated our first casual Friday, primarily because my children can’t remember anything we’ve studied during the week. I finally concluded, why not learn casually instead of fighting the trend?

Thus, on our first casual Friday, we made fall-shaped gingerbread cookies.

And, we worked on our animals of South Africa. First, we made a flip book of our animals.

The little one was able to review size sorting.


And we learned one interesting fact about each animal, such as every zebra has a unique pattern. The little one also thought it was hilarious that the lion was part of the cat family. She nearly fell over with the giggles.


I made a pocket by glueing an envelope (sealed and cut to correct height) to a piece of paper. That way, instead of a bunch of flipbooks littering the bedroom floor by the end of the year, they’ll at least have a place to put them in their notebooks.


Next, we took a second set of pictures of those same animals and classified them. For this lesson, all the animals were mammals. So we spent some time talking about what mammals are and how each of their animals fit into this classification. This page also went in their notebooks behind the mammals section.

It was a fun first for us, and a great start to our casual Fridays.