Our School Journal-Entry 22

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In my life this week…

Nothing too exciting here folks, just trying to gradually catch up on things around the house, on my blogs, and throughout the rest of my personal life. I read a fun status on Facebook, one of the “repost this” statuses, but since I do not repost as a rule I decided to share it here. (Of course, you’re welcome to copy and repost it to your Facebook status.)

“Dirty dishes prove I feed my kids, full bins prove I change my baby’s diapers, messy floors prove that I let my kid’s have fun, piles of clothes prove I keep my kids in clean clothes, a messy bathroom proves that I bath my kids!”

What a nice thought! My dirty house actually proves that I am getting things done.

In our homeschool this week…

Things have gone really well. My favorite part of our day is geography; it’s been as exhilarating as I thought it would be. I have made changes to my son’s Abeka work, which I’m posting about later this next week. But one big change that I’m adding is that I’m going to try making Friday an “unschooling” day. In other words, we’ll still “do school” on Fridays, but we’re going to try doing it with more “unschool” activities—cooking, educational games, etc.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. My children wake up on Friday’s without their minds. I’m not sure what happens between Thursday night and Friday morning, but every Friday they come to school having totally forgotten everything from the week. My son can ace a concept all week long and then act like he’s never seen it come Friday. Same with my daughter. I noticed this bewildering phenomenon last year, too.

So, I’m going with it this year, and we are going to do school without doing school. On the docket for today:

  1. Make fall-shaped gingerbread cookies. (I was actually going to do this yesterday and then decided to wait a day, upon my husband’s wise advice.)
  2. Make a flip book of South Africa’s animals.
  3. Play a dice game (for math), and perhaps another game for language enforcement.

I’m not an authority on unschooling, so this might not technically be what unschoolers do. But I thought it would work for our first go at a  “casual Friday” schedule.
(I’ll post pics later.)

My favorite moment…

My son wants to eat his pop tarts in a pattern. Every morning, the first thing I hear from him is the next color in our pattern of pop tarts. He’ll shout out from his bedroom, “Mom, it’s blue today!” And I know he’s up.

Questions to ask…

What fun activities do you plan for your “off” days of school? I’d love to incorporate any ideas you all may have into our casual Friday scheme.

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5 thoughts on “Our School Journal-Entry 22

  1. The activities you have on tap for today sounds like so much fun! Your “off” days sound more like our “on” days, since we’re relaxed homeschoolers 🙂 — I enjoy taking a peek at families who do things in a more structured way. I love geography too — I’ll check back to explore your geography activities for inspiration.

  2. I like to do casual Fridays at our house too. I find games that can reinforce the lessons we did during the week without it feeling like a review. This also leaves room open for any catch-up work we might need to do. Good luck implementing this. I hope you all have fun!

  3. I think your idea of “off” school on Fridays sound like it will be a perfect fit for your family! 🙂 isnt it fabulous that being their mom and teacher you can have the blessing of “SEEING” these things and tweak your schedule to adapt! Have a great weekend! Stopping by from the HMJ

  4. We are trying the same thing on Fridays this year! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how the cookies turn out. They sound yummy! 🙂

    Many blessings,

  5. So happy to come across your blog:) Your fun Fridays sound like a great idea! We are very relaxed homeschoolers. So every day I let the girls spend the majority of their time following their own interests. We have a curriculum, but we only use it one or two days a week. Most days, I learn alongside them, provide them with lots of good books, guide or help them (if needed), and occasionally make them do a math lesson. We do a lot of crafts, cooking, and outside play too. That about sums up our school week, and I bet we manage to cover all the subject areas in there somehow:) Best wishes on your new fun Friday routine!

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