South Africa Study: Days 3-5

For Day 3 of our geography study, we reviewed our songs and located South Africa on the map. Then, we studied the flag of South Africa and completed our notebooking page.

Though we discussed the significance of the colors of the flag, our main fact to remember was that the “Y” in the flag showed “all kinds of people becoming one nation.”

On Day 4, we had a fun day learning about South Africa’s “Big Five”: the buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros. We merely read the sheet and added it to our notebook, then used our extra time to look at more library books about South Africa.

(It seems the resources that I have scheduled to use from the Time for Kids website are no longer available for free. Most of what I had planned to use, I have saved in my Evernote files. But that means I can’t share the links with you since the links no longer exist. Sorry about that! What bad news!!)

Day 5 was a super fun way to end our first week of geography. We looked at South African art, and then made our own border art. Ahead of time, I had cut small rectangles, triangles, and circles (hole punched dots) for the kids to glue to strips of cardstock, about 6 of each shape per child.

The kids had a great time gluing their shapes in a pattern; and really, the project required very little help from me—just a little oversight of the glue. The result was awesome!

I’m such a kid at heart. I love construction paper and glue. I’m going to miss this stage when my kids one day outgrow construction paper art.


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