“Through the Bible” Study

This year for our Bible study, I’m wanting to take the kids through a little survey of the Bible, teach them the books of the Bible, along with a purpose statement and key verse from each book. Sound like a lot for a four year old and a three year old? Well, here’s how I’m breaking it down.

First, I have a great set of audio stories of the Bible. The kids listen to these while I am getting ready in the mornings. It’s pretty comprehensive; for instance, tracks 1-9 are from Genesis. So, while it is not the complete Bible read to them, it definitely gives them an idea of most of the Bible.

Next, during our opening activities, we talk a little about the stories they have listened to and then I’ll give them a couple of facts to review. For these first couple of weeks, the facts I want them to learn are (1) there are 66 books in the Bible; (2) the Bible is in two parts, Old Testament and New Testament; (3) “Testament” means “promise”; (4) the Books of the Law are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. My three year old might not catch all of it, but I teach to my four year old and let the little one pick up on what she can (she usually amazes me with what she learns).

Already, in just two days, my son has a good handle on these facts—not necessarily memorized, mind you, but he can recall them with some prompting. The next step, once I’m sure he knows this set of facts, I’ll begin teaching the purpose statements for those five books and some key verses. In addition to the book What the Bible is All About For Young Explorers, my husband also found this great blog post with very succinct purpose statements for the Old Testament.

We’ll progress through the Bible in this same sequence through the year, taking as much time as we need to get the info down. I’m really excited about our study and hoping to make a display for the books of the Bible as we learn them. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

  • For family worship time, we are using the book Long Story Short, which is a great foundation for our Bible survey. My hope is that the two will complement each other nicely.

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