Preschool’s First Week

The little one’s workbox pockets are full, and she is back to school! Here’s a peak at what we’ve been doing.

She’s threaded buttons, and it was hilarious to listen to her. As each button slid down her string she  whispered, “I gotcha!” I’m not sure if she was fishing or capturing “emeny” soldiers, but either way she was winning.

Matching "A" to "a"

We reviewed the letter A last week, and began working with the letter B this week. In this activity, from Erica’s Letter of the Week printables, she is putting the ants back together. It’s a good review of color sorting, as well as matching the capital letter to the lower case letter.

Another one of Erica’s fun activities are her clip cards that coordinate with the Letter of the Week: B for butterfly. With this activity, I wrote the numbers 1-10 on ten mini clothespins. Then, she matched the numbers on the butterflies to the numbers on the clothespins as we said the names of the numbers together. This was a nice twist on our usual activity of clipping the correct amount of clothespins to the cards and helped her with what she struggles with, number recognition.

Next up for the little one, some coloring pages, letter puzzles, sticker dot activities, and a new magnet sheet activity.  No wonder she was so disappointed with her empty activity pockets this summer!

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  1. What awesome activities! 🙂 She is really enjoying doing her work and it shows!

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