Our School Journal-Entry 20

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In my life this week…

We celebrated the little one’s birthday this week. She’s a big three year old, now. And she was quite the “butterfly princess.” Our tradition is to celebrate the birthday first thing in the morning in our pajamas, with presents as soon as everyone is up and birthday cake for breakfast. It’s not a long-standing tradition, one we started about three or four family birthdays ago. But I love it. It’s all they can think about when they first wake up anyway, and it gives them all day long to play with their toys. Besides, who doesn’t want birthday cake for breakfast? 

In our homeschool this week…

We launched our year on Wednesday and have eased into our new school schedule. Next week, we add our Bible lessons and audio stories, continue our study of Renoir and Vivaldi, and head to South Africa in our geography study. Pretty excited about the geography especially, and I was able to pick up some really great books from our library. I’m feeling my way along with Kindergarten phonics and math, but so far so good. I may just drop the lesson plans and plan it myself using the workbook pages, as I did with K4. That’s just a lot more work on my part, so I really want to figure out how to find a good pace without straying too far from the pre-assigned work. But in the end, it might be less stressful for all of us if I just strike out on my own.

And it has been really fun to add the little one back into our school time. I’m trying to incorporate lots of cuddling and lap-sitting while we do her PreK lessons. She wiggles and wallows, so that’s hard sometimes. But she responds so well to learning when she’s in my lap.

Questions to ask…

When do you do your lesson planning and school prep?

I’ve experimented with different times: right after our school day, during “nap times”, and late evening. Each time has had pros and cons for me, and I’d love to hear how and when others are fitting it in amongst things like laundry and cooking dinner.

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7 thoughts on “Our School Journal-Entry 20

  1. Sounds like a great start to your school year!

  2. We are having some of the some problems. I am fixing to strike out on my own as well. My little guy is in Kindergarten and what we have tried with our virtual school is not working. I generally do the lesson plans on Sundays. That way I had a basic outline for the week and if we didn’t cover it I adjusted. Or if we moved farther along I could do that as well. Let me know how it goes for you guys!

  3. Absolutely love all the birthday pictures. Three year old’s are the best. I must admit that I struggle with a time to do school prep…I’ve learned not to sweat it maybe being unschoolers make it a little easier, when we think of something we do the prep work together. Kindergarten does seem to be a tough year to find a curriculum fit. I broke away from ours as well, found Progressive phonics to work great, and then we played all sorts of games that built upon the math skills. I know you will figure things out.

  4. Happy Birthday 🙂 what cute birthday pics… I justbposted about our difficulties with our math curriculum this week too. It is really hard to find a good fit at this age. Ibthink more hands-on and game based activities would be a better fit for my son.

  5. I usually do lesson prep on Saturday. I look over what we did for the week and adjust accordingly for the next week. I wrote out my tentative lesson plans for the year over the summer break and just tweak it as we go along. ( Next year I have to remember to do it in pencil 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great week! I just love the birthday girl’s pictures and her cake is beautiful! 🙂 I do my lesson planning at night or over the weekend. You’re right, there are pros and cons to any time.

    Many blessings,

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