Discovery Place Kids in Charlotte

Our second field trip while we were on vacation in Charlotte was to the Discovery Place Kids. It was very crowded but well worth our time, and we probably could have spent longer than the two and a half to three hours that we spent. The Center is set up in a huge warehouse-style building with different stations where the kids can pretend to drive a fire truck or ambulance, grocery shop in a store, work in a cafe, captain a ship or submarine, and so much more. Two levels of a seemingly endless pretending.

Of course, the little one had to start the day off by walking into a sign in the parking lot (thus the band-aid). She has her mother’s knack for not watching where she is going.

Pretending on the farm: the kids got to milk a cow, gather eggs, pick apples, and drive a tractor

Pretending on the Firetruck

The little one found her spot in the very crowded cafe kitchen, baking a pizza and doing lots of dishes.
Picking up some cash from the ATM—in style!
Crossing the finish line (my son's favorite!)
The moldable foam was another favorite. I think she could have spent all day playing with this stuff.