Charlotte Nature Museum

We vacationed in Charlotte, NC, this year, and had a lot of fun with the kids at the local attractions. One of which was the Charlotte Nature Museum.

Though I was a little disappointed at the size of the place and the fact that it was rather run-down, the kids had a great time. Videos and exhibits about insects and their life cylces (including a video about tadpoles, which my son was very excited to see), a puppet show, a butterfly garden complete with new butterflies just climbing out of their chrysalises, and a number of interactive or sensory activities made our two hour visit a memorable one.

We got some great pics of the kids (and even one of Dad!) posing as a bug


"Do you see what I see?" We each took turns looking through the eyes of a fly.


The little one really enjoyed the sensory exhibits, one filled with sand (seen here) and another filled with water.


A fun feature of the museum was this tunnel system that the kids could crawl through and see what it's like for underground creatures.


We finished our day off with a walk down the nature trail and one last pose.