Mission-minded Kids

I remember going to a garage sale, when I was pregnant with my daughter, and seeing a young girl selling kool-aid. The little girl had to be about kindergarten. As I bought my little glass, the mom prompted her daughter, “Tell her what the money is for.” And she told me that she was making money to put in the mission’s offering in her Sunday School class. She went on to tell me a little about the missionary.

My son was barely old enough to talk and my daughter was still in utero, but I tucked that memory away, impressed that one so young could find a way to be involved. Now, my children are a little older. They can remember Daddy’s first missions trip and talk about what he did. And they understand, from those presenting at our church, what a missionary is. I’ve been excited about the next step. And as I’ve been planning our geography studies for our homeschool, I’ve run across some great missions resources that I thought I’d share.

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