Our School Journal-Entry 16

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In my life this week…

I attended our first homeschool-meet with some (actually quite a few) local homeschoolers. The kids had a great time, and I’m looking forward to the calendar of events and field trips that are scheduled.

Also, we went as a family to minor league baseball game. We are huge Minnesota Twins fans, and the Twins minor league team (Redwings) were in town playing the Durham Bulls. So, all dressed up in our Twins gear, we attended the Bulls/Redwings game.

We were given free tickets, with seats right behind home plate! It was so much fun, though very hot. But the kids enjoyed meeting the Bulls mascot, and eating cotton candy.

In our homeschool this week…

In addition to breaking out the frog nature study, we’ve also been flying through phonics and math. The pace of A Beka suddenly picked up dramatically. We’re covering 10 new numbers every few days, and have learned 4 new rules in addition to marking long vowels within the last 2 weeks. He’s keeping up okay, but I do feel like I’m holding on for dear life. We’re heading to the summer finish line at turbo speed!


For those of you who use A Beka (or any curriculum, really) do you make adjustments to keep the pace steady or do you just buckle up for Full-Speed-Ahead?

If you do make adjustments, do you make them as you go, or do you gauge it as you are planning your lessons and make the adjustments ahead of time?

Links to Share…

I ran across a very cool website that allows your child to write and illustrate his own story! It looks like a really fun idea, and a fantastic way to get kids writing—even if they are typically not  your most enthusiastic writers. The website is Scribblitt.com. There are options to enter completed stories in regular contests, order a printed copy, or publish it to the community or website “library.”

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  1. This is my first time linking with the homeschool journal. So glad to meet you and I am looking forward to seeing your blog.

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