Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

I have been looking forward to this craft all summer long. And finally, last week, we got to paint our sunflowers.

Waiting patiently to begin

Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings are probably among his most recognizable, and this fun craft is done in a style reminiscent of his. I got the idea from my Usborne First Book of Art.

First, you’ll need to cut the sponges into petal shapes. I did one for each color because I didn’t want to have to worry about rinsing before each layer.

Second, you’ll need yellow, orange, and green paint. Add a little (emphasis on little) flour to the paint to thicken it.

Third, layer the yellow and then the orange petals in a circle. Add the green “leaves.”

Last, I got out an assortment of colors and let the kids fingerpaint the centers of the flowers.

And the result, our own Van Gogh sunflowers!

The kids insisted on adding stems, as well.


I was really pleased with this craft. Not only was it simple for them to do, but it really was pretty controlled when it came to the mess. And the result was awesome.

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  1. Beth Culberson

    Awesome! They are beautiful!!

  2. Better than the original 🙂 Stopping by from Marketing Mondays at the Treehouse and I am your latest follower – hope you can stop by soon and return the favor.

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