Our School Journal-Entry 13

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In my life this week…

I made my second batch of fresh garden salsa, and the heat was a little more bearable in this batch. My husband and I also attempted our first batch of refrigerator pickles! We made 6 medium sized jars and 2 large jars, and I still have lots of cucumbers left over. I guess that means a second batch of those as well. Actually I want to find a recipe for pickled pepper relish; combine my peppers with the cucumbers for a spicy relish. Anyone have a recipe for that?

In our homeschool this week…

We covered long vowels for the first time, learning to mark them and read them. My son was so excited and ready for a new challenge.

Then, we headed to the Durham Children’s Museum of Science with a group of children from our church. What a fun day! We revisited some favorites and saw a few things for the first time.

She loved this! It was supposed to be an experiment in measuring volume, but she just loved pouring from one to the next, toddler-style.
He really enjoyed tipping the bottles into the receptacle. Again, another exercise in comparing volume. An older child tried to illustrate it for my son, but he liked his own game better.
We loved studying the owl in the animal life section, especially since we had just learned about owls. The kids were really excited about seeing him turn his head around, and he complied! Following us with his head as we walked around him. He was really a cute fellow.
The butterfly house was another neat exhibit that we hadn’t seen on our last trip. The butterflies were everywhere, and rather friendly.

We also saw giant cockroaches (live ones), giant beetles, giant centipedes, and other stuff of nightmares. Eesh!


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3 thoughts on “Our School Journal-Entry 13

  1. Are you from NE? We have a Durham here in Omaha!!!

  2. What a fun science museum! We haven’t been to the one in Boston for some time! We should really head down in the fall! I start long vowels with my son soon too! We’ve spent since last September on short. *I’m* ready for a change! LOL

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