A Lesson on Over-Complicating Things

I have a confession, probably related to the fact that I’m pretty new to the whole homeschooling mom thing.

I tend to over-complicate the process. (Many of you might have already seen that even before I did.) But, I thought I’d make a public confession just in case there were any other newbies out there making the same mistake.

For instance, I’ve been killing myself trying to write out teaching plans for what I do and say each day during the different subjects. While I need that for something like art or music, I was doing that for Phonics and Math as well. Why is that such a bad thing? Because I have the A Beka Curriculum Plans! I’ve finally decided that it’s just as easy for me to pull out those books and look at the plans there as it is to look at the plans in my teacher notebook.

And it saves me time from having to write everything out! What a rookie thing to do, huh?

But in my defense, I think I started doing that because the K4 curriculum plans were not designed for homeschool, and I really couldn’t use most of that material (I used almost exclusively the scope and sequence, and very little of anything else.) So, when I transitioned into the K5, which is a much better homeschool curriculum, I still had my habit of writing out my plans.

I’m so glad that I’ve figured out I can cut that part of prep before the real schoolwork begins!

Anyone else have any newbie confessions to make?