Some Days…

Some days, even the best laid plans can run amuck. Do you know what I mean?

So I thought I’d share the real July 4th party: the laughs, the tears, and the memories.

First, the Firecracker Floats were a huge hit! The kids loved them. And when I poured extra pop rocks on top of the floats (after the foam had been skimmed off the top), there was a perfect explosion.

But the first disaster of the night was when I tipped the cup down for my son to taste the foam and poured his float down the front of his pajamas. He cried. I laughed uncontrollably. (I don’t know why I find that sort of thing so funny.) (And yes, it is a Christmas cup; but it was the perfect size.) And yet, as you can see, he quickly recovered once his pajamas got cleaned off.

The second factor in our evening was an approaching storm. Wind kept blowing out the matches we were trying to use for the sparklers; rain threatened every minute. And those sparklers are hard to light. My poor husband almost went through a whole box of matches (while, again, I tried so hard to control my laughing fit). Finally, I thought of a candle. So we lit a candle and held our sparklers over the candle flame until they lit.


Because of the rain, I tried to have our Handel music playing inside the house through a window. But the sparklers took so long to light that the music was all over by the time we had them ready.

Then, the Little One’s sparkler died and, as hard as I was trying to watch her, she still grabbed a hold of the end of her sparkler and burned herself. Ah well, it was a July 4th celebration wrought with memories.