Lamplighter’s Character Stories (and discount)

Lamplighter Publishing was one of our book fair finds, one of the unexpected surprises you happen upon while shopping for the things you need.

It was the beautifully bound books that first caught our attention: my husband and I are both book lovers. Then, there was the sign advertising “character stories for young boys and girls.” We willingly walked over for a peak and discovered a treasure.

Lamplighter publishes rare or out of print books, the old stories that teach character while weaving beautiful tales. They select the stories based on these priorities: age appropriate character lessons and a compelling plot.

The stories are recommended by age (recommendations for ages 2-7, 6-11, 9-14, and 12-99) and gender rather than by reading level. In other words, the stories are recommended by the tales that will touch the child’s heart at a particular age. Stories of missionaries and martyrs, stories of trial and adventure, stories of families and children learning and growing through life’s lessons.

But in addition to the terrific books are the quality audio books. I have loved using audio books for my pre-readers. Since they are not quite old enough to read for themselves, my husband and I do a lot of reading to them. When we aren’t available to do the reading, I’m thrilled to have quality stories available for them. My son, especially, has loved our Chronicles of Narnia audio books, and we frequently pick up additional stories from the library or through internet downloads. So, when I saw that these quality stories had been produced as audio dramas with the voice talent of people like John Rhys-Davies and Tim Conway, I was ecstatic.

We purchased Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince, a story of a prince whose loving father sent him away to learn the hard lessons of humility, compassion, and a servant’s heart. My son has listened to this story over and over again, and the plot creates great material for discussion with him. Character lessons like learning to see needs, respecting authority, and standing up for the weak are clearly demonstrated. (Want to listen to excerpts from the story?)

These aren’t cheesy Christian morality tales. As a writer, I’m very choosy about my reading, especially when it comes to fiction. The story of the Missing Prince does not preach a moral but illustrates it with a powerful plot and believable characters.

I’ve been so impressed with this company that I have become an affiliate, which means two things: (1) when you make a purchase using my code, I earn a small commission; and (2) you get to take advantage of my discount!

Use code LAMP109 and receive a 15% discount on any regular-priced item (this does not apply to their book club memberships).

If your are looking for quality children’s books–keepsakes that will last for your grandkids to enjoy–you’ve got to at least look at these books. I know you’ll be impressed. And if you have children who aren’t readers (either because of age or personality), take advantage of the audio books. At the very least, they might make your summer road trips a little more enjoyable.