The Teacher Tour: Organizing Your Space

This is probably the post I’m most excited about. I can’t wait to see what all of you do with your spaces! As homeschoolers, our school can take place in a number of places. And I’ve even heard some joke that they van-school rather than homeschool because of all the time they spend on the road. I’m thrilled to have a school room, but I know many of you school in your kitchen or living room. And I can remember a time, when I was homeschooled, doing my work in a large walk-in closet!

Regardless of where the work goes on, there are a lot of supplies to store and organize–manipulatives, craft supplies, games, poster displays, and not to mention all of those books. So here’s my strategy for this post. I’ll show you a couple of ways I organize my materials, link to a few other interesting posts that I have found while perusing the blogs, and then let you link up with all of your gorgeous displays.

But here’s my caution: this will only be beneficial to you if you shop for ideas. In other words, please don’t read this post and begin to compare. My goal is that you can take what God has given you and maximize how you use it. With that said, here we go!

My Space

Honestly, I’m still working through a lot of my organization, but occasionally I’ll land upon a solution that I really like. Most recently, the solution was for organizing my craft supplies, and I must say I’m still very happy with that system right now. But some other areas of our school room have also worked well.

I love our Cozy Corner, which has two purposes. First, it gives the Little One a place to hang out and occupy herself in between activities. Second, it’s a fun place for my son to review his flashcards, charts, and other activities. I keep some library books and a few activities in the basket. Their 3-ring binders contain art projects and worksheet pages that the kids have completed. And the canvas organizer has been a gem.

Our lapbooks and Handbook for Reading store nicely in the large pocket. Smaller word cards and story cards go in the two smaller front pockets, while our blend flashcards hand below.

I’ve also really liked by Poster Center organizer. It was a gift from a friend who found it at a local boutique–and I absolutely love it.

Inside the organizer I store flashcards and charts to be used during Poster Center time, many of my displays and teaching aides, as well as my binder where I store my A Beka Homeschool Charts and Games (and all of their many pieces).

My last space is inside our built-in cabinets, where I store most of our current workbooks, teacher supplies, and folder games inside magazine holders (folder games are stored in the holder horizontally, rather than vertically).

Student workbooks, Mommy materials, and folder games

I also have three file boxes stored under there–one for my Letter of the Week material, one for my Reading and Skills materials, and a second for arithmetic. And we’re just finishing up K4, people. (I’m going to be in trouble in another year; I’m really looking forward to your ideas.) You can check out my complete tour if you are interested in the actual school room.

Links I love:

  • I love this idea for storing lapbooks and will probably switch to something like this as we acquire more lapbooks.
  • Scroll down through this link to see pictures of her school room (I know we shouldn’t compare, but my! how I love those wrap-around book shelves). I especially like the old toolbox or shoe butler that sits in the middle of the student table and holds her supplies. Very innovative.
  • I had a couple of ladies on Facebook mention that they use library carts for the books they are currently using. A great method, especially if your school room is a main living space–just roll your school right out of there! One lady mentioned getting hers from a school sale for very cheap.
  • Another great idea for those who do school at the kitchen table is a “homework station.” I love this idea! And I know my mom would have loved it, too, to keep us from whispering and talking to each other instead of doing our work. Again, it’s a great fold-away solution if you have a multi-purpose space.