The Teacher Tour: Organizing Your Lesson Plans

Once you’ve made your purchasing decisions, planning how to use your curriculum and how to keep track of assignments and grades is another huge hurdle. There are many options for organizing your school year.

On-line Planner

Keeping track of assignments and records on-line has many advantages: your information is automatically backed-up; assignments can be moved, deleted, or postponed easily without disrupting the plans for the rest of the year;  many academic reports (report cards, transcripts, attendance, etc.) can be automatically generated from the information you have entered throughout the grading period.

  • Homeschool Skedtrack: a free service that easily computes assignments and reports; not designed for detailed lesson planning (for a complete review, click here)
  • Homeschool Tracker: offers both a free edition and a deluxe edition for purchase; I’ve heard many good things about this program but it is not compatible for Mac
  • Home School, Inc.: a free planner; as far as I know, it does not offer the feature of adjusting assignments for days missed as Homeschool Skedtrack does

Handwritten Planners and Planner Pages

Many sites across the web offer free planner pages that you can print off for handwritten assignments. Do a google search and spend hours looking at all the different options. But if you’d like to look in just one place, Donna Young has the greatest variety of planning options, all for free.

Another great option for purchase is the Well-Planned Day, a planner that has received many high reviews. In addition to a complete line of products, including household planners, student planners, and high school planners, the company also offers digital subscriptions.

Editable PDF Planner

Another option is to purchase an editable pdf planner from Homeschool Creations. In other words, a planner format that you can type into. It provides the ability to customize your planner. You can print off the pages for traditional handwritten lesson plans, or type your assignments directly into the pdf. Once you have saved your changes, you can either print off your lesson plans or transfer them to a pdf reader (like my NOOK Color!). I love the versatility of this planner, which I am currently using for my summer plans and am currently editing a separate file for this next school year. Do you see the potential here? One purchase allows you years of customizable plans. (No bias here, but I love it.)

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