Our School Journal-Entry 8

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In my life this week…

Well, we fought off a stomach bug last week with the little one and another stomach bug this week with my son. And to tell you the truth, I’m feeling a wee bit queasy myself. Call it paranoia, but I think I have reason to feel “not quite myself.”

In our homeschool this week…

Week 2 of our summer school has been a little hit and miss with the stomach bug, but a blast when we get to it. We studied trees in our nature study this week, looking at different bark patterns and leaves as well as learning the tree parts. I had my son stand up while I labeled him, and then I stood up while he labeled me (little one was not wanting to participate).

Doesn't he make a great tree?

Toes=roots; legs and torso=trunk; arms and up=crown; arms=branches; fingers=spray. It was difficult to get a picture of my participation in this, as you might imagine.

The next day, we drew and labeled a tree. My son loves anytime I pull out a notebook page. I’m really glad because I want to start including more notebook pages in our schooling. Here’s his tree.

...and not to be left out, my tree hugger, measuring the width around a trunk

I’ve been very excited about our art project this week, though it has been rather derailed a couple of times by sickness. We are still studying Van Gogh’s bedroom painting, but this week the project is to make their own “Van Gogh-ish” bedroom. Since Van Gogh did not paint what he saw but what he felt, they get to create a bedroom that is not “what is” but what they want it to be. I’ll do a whole post when the project is completed, but here’s a sneak peek:

We’re also planning that water party for the weekend as we continue our study on Handel. I’ve gotten some great ideas and can’t wait to share.

My favorite thing this week was…

We were watching a show with the kids when suddenly, Handel’s Alla Hornpipe began playing in the background. Two little heads shot up and looked at me. “What is that?” my son asked. Though I had to remind him of what it was, after only a week they can pick out the tune. It was thrilling.

What’s working/not working for us…

I must say, afternoon school has not been our favorite adjustment. I’ll probably stick with it through the summer because I want them getting some good outside time, and we get done SOOO much faster without the little one around. But I think he and I will both be ready to switch back to our regular school schedule by fall, with everything in the mornings.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

For anyone wondering, we haven’t skipped a beat jumping into Lesson 60 of the A Beka Kindergarten book. I’ve even kept up with the graded pages just as they are assigned, and he’s done just fine with it all. Since A Beka has so much review anyway, he’s still getting lots of reinforcement of our K4 work as he launches into the Kindergarten material. And since the Kindergarten books are very different in style and format from the K4 work, he really loves the variety and feeling like he isn’t doing the same-old-thing, even when, sometimes, he is (sneaky of me, huh?)

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Next week is VBS at our church, so I’m taking a brief break from our normal posts and activities for a “Teacher Tour.”

I’ll be covering tips on how to evaluate and choose curriculum, how to organize lesson plans and your school space, how to keep a schedule (and when not to), and much more. I’ll also be hosting a link-up each day, so get your posts ready and join me.

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6 thoughts on “Our School Journal-Entry 8

  1. Great projects. Hope everyone is feeling better =)

  2. That looks like fun and I look forward to next weeks posts! I am trying to get myself organized here too as this will be our first year home. Hope you guys get to feeling back to normal soon!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Yeah, Jen! I hope you enjoy getting ready for your first year. Email me if you run into any issues or have questions getting started. I will be addressing some “getting started” topics next week, as well.

  3. Marvelous job on that tree notebook page! We enjoy notebooking here, especially for nature topics. (I don’t really want worksheets or reports for such things.) It’s a GREAT way to learn some info, get in some Art, and enjoy the outdoor world! Stopping by from HHH!

    • Post Author Tracy

      Thanks for stopping in, Jessy. I am really loving notebooking. We’ll be trying it out quite a bit more next fall with our geography activities, but I’ve been thrilled to see how affective they are, even though my children are so young.

  4. So sorry to hear about the sickness making its rounds. It seems like it going on everywhere. I LOVE your art project and can’t wait to see the final results.

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