Announcing: The Teacher Tour

Next week, beginning on Monday (June 20) and continuing through Saturday (June 25), I’ll be running a series of posts with helpful suggestions for you, the teacher. A list of topics to be discussed through the week will include:

  • Making Plans: Purchasing and Planning Curriculum
  • Organizing Your Space
  • Organizing Your Paperwork
  • Surrendering to a Schedule: how to make a schedule, stick with it, and know when to give a little
  • A Tour of my Teacher notebook (and what’s in yours)
  • Defining Your Homeschool Style
Each day I will try to include a place for you to link up your posts, as well. So, plan what posts you want to link up to on which days, and let’s take a tour!
If there’s something missing from my list that you, as the teacher, really think ought to be there, please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll try very hard to work it in.