Studying Nature–Lesson 1

What an exciting first lesson in nature study today! I actually began, not with lesson one in the unit study, but with just an overall introduction of the 5 senses God has equipped us with to explore His creation. Then, we went exploring, trying to find at least one object for each sense.

We tasted cilantro.

We smelled oregano and a few flowers (one stinky flower and another that smelled rather fruity).

Smelling Oregano

We heard birds (and an airplane, if that counts).

We touched a cactus (with Mommy’s help), some rocks, the wet ground, and sticks.

We saw some tiny fish…

"catching" fish


And later in the day, the Lord also blessed our study with a baby bird flight lesson. We got to watch and listen as a baby bird learned how to fly.

He was having a great deal of trouble, and the kids were a little concerned (okay, I was too). Daddy joined our observation group, and we prayed for the baby bird, then stood back to watch mommy and daddy bird give the lesson.

After our nature walk, we finished our entry in our nature journals. I wrote down what they reported about  each sense, and then let them draw some pictures. My son drew a picture of a small fish and a picture of himself “exploring.”

Overall, it was a fantastic start to our summer. Next, we are focusing in on smells and learning about the mosquito.