Beating Summer Boredom

Need an activity for the kids this summer? Check out a few of these ideas.

Start a nature study. Whether that includes a bug-catcher kit or sketchbook and pencils, equip the kids for some time outside.

Go for a family walk; then talk about what you saw. Plan a trip to the library to choose books on a bug, rock, or other aspect of nature that your child showed an interest in.

Check out this link for more ideas: a flower press, a leaf rubbing, and more. Or, click here to find out how to make your own nature journal.

Plan a calendar of fun, or download a free one. The free one has a list of great activities through the month of June. It’s a great download of ideas.


To make your own, take a calendar page and write or type an entry for each day–an outdoor activity, a video, an internet link, a craft idea, a board game, etc. When the kids are bored, send them to the calendar. Feel free to repeat a few favorite activities throughout the month.

Pick a summer project or theme. Whether each child chooses their own or you decide on one as a family, develop a plan for that project or theme. Here are some ideas.

  • Learn a new art skill or medium (watercolors, pastels, clay sculpting, wood-carving, etc.). Then, plan a “gallery day” at the end of the summer for friends, relatives, and neighbors to see the exhibits.
  • Plan a missions project. Going on a missions trip? Practice a puppet program, a construction skill, a recipe, whatever you might need for the trip. Even if there is no missions trip planned, you can find a local retirement center and practice a summer program to perform there as a family. Just contact the activities director for that center to schedule a day.
  • Plan a party. Teach your child all that goes into hospitality and entertaining. Walk them through the invitations, program, menu, and budget for a party. Have the child practice the recipes for the menu, scout out the local grocery stores for pricing, and design their own invitations.
  • Learn about a country. Choose a country for the week, month, or summer. Take a trip to the library for books, videos, and other resources for your country of choice. Try out some recipes. Play some games. Make some clothing or cultural costumes. Craft a sculpture of a landmark. Make an ethnic craft.
Whatever strategy you choose, try to make your plans a jumping off point for your kids. Summer should be a break for everyone, including Mom. And start having some summer fun!