Summer Schedule Begins!

So excited to be starting our new summer schedule!

The subjects I’m planning on covering include nature study, art/music appreciation, phonics, and numbers. But the schedule is so care-free and summer-ish!


9 a.m. Open the Day–prayer, pledge, calendar, Bible verses/songs

9:15     Nature Study Indoors–reading, discussion, or notebook pages

9:30    Nature Study Outdoors–gather our journals, flower presses, and other supplies and head outdoors!

Handbook of Nature Study   -              By: Anna Botsford Comstock

Discover Nature at Sundown: Things to Know and Things to Do

Summer 2010 Nature Study Final

9:45-ish (I’ll be flexible with this. No sense in regimenting our time of discovery.) Art–Van Gogh study: activities will vary–bio study, picture study, down and and dirty with art itself!

Summer 2010 Art Plans cover

My Book Fair Finds

10:15   Music–Handel study: activities will vary–bio study, music study and sequencing, instrument families, and (my favorite) a pool party with Handel’s water music!


2 p.m.   Phonics/Numbers–worksheets and review time (I’ll be doing this with my son after the little one goes down for her nap.)