Curriculum Wrap-up for 2011-2012

A brief update on my first book fair–it was awesome! And all my planning paid off. Several different situations came up that resulted in a very limited amount of time to attend the book fair. We arrived at around 11 a.m. and were out of there by 1:30 p.m. I was very surprised that we could do that on our first trip.

I got the greatest thrill from the look on my husband’s face when I handed him my list of booths, table numbers, and actions to take  at  each booth.

The price comparisons on my book list helped immensely as well. Most of what I wanted was either cheaper than the online price or very close to it (and I was including shipping costs). But there were a few books that were more expensive (one by nearly $10!) Another handy tip: I brought address labels to peel and stick on all of the mailing forms and drawing entries. That was another huge time-saver.

What We Decided On for K5

Phonics/Math— I’m going with A Beka for my K5 materials. We did look at Saxon, Horizons, and Math-U-See for math; but in the end, I just wasn’t convinced that it would be worth the price difference at this point. I purchased the K5 and Grade 1 phonics/handwriting/math materials. Ideally, this should have me covered through the entire year, including summer school.

Bible–The Golden Children’s Bible, What is the Bible All About for Young Explorers, 50 Great Bible Stories audio CD

Art/Music Appreciation— We’ll be using the curriculum from Harmony Fine Arts when it becomes available in August. From her materials list, I’ve chosen the following resources: Usborne Art Treasury, Child Size Masterpieces, and Lives of the Musicians.

Critical ThinkingBuilding Thinking Skills Beginning and Lollipop Logic

I looked at the Building Thinking Skills Primary, but concluded that it relied too much on reading skills to work for us right now. I also looked at the Building Thinking Skills Hands-On, but the manipulatives required for the text put the price beyond our budget for that subject. I’m really happy with these two texts, though. I think it provides me with a lot of variety with this subject and progresses through the skills very reasonably.

Geography— This subject as well as Phonics/Math took up the majority of my budget. I was thrilled to see that, though, since these were my subjects of emphasis this year. I am gearing up for Tapestry of Grace during my son’s first grade year (a year from this fall). In prep for that, I’m wanting to really emphasize his reading skills and basic geography knowledge.

I’m using the curriculum from Expedition Earth and Homeschool Creation’s Geography posts. You can peak at my list of supplemental texts here.

Our fun extras--passports, a geo card game, and a blow-up globe

One of the products I was thrilled to find at the book fair was Missionary Stories with Millers.  I had seen it in a couple of different geography curriculums but could not find anywhere online where I could preview it to see if it would be on a read-aloud level for my kids. I really liked the book when I saw it. Not only are the stories intriguing, but each missionary story is introduced with a world map that has the missionary’s country darkened. Even the table of contents includes the name of the country beside the title of the story. I think it will be perfect for our global study.

Missionary Stories with the Millers

Well, that does it for the fall/spring school year. I’m planning on highlighting our summer materials separately. We begin on Monday, and all of us are very excited! I can’t wait to share it all with you.

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  1. I am still planning our geography for next year, thanks for all the links! I was wondering where you got the little passports?

    • Post Author Tracy

      Expedition Earth has a printable passport that you can make and flags to print off. However, since I knew I had my work cut out for me, I took the short cut and bought the passport and flag sticker pack from Rainbow Resources. Hope that helps you!

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