Our School Nook

With all the talk about the iPad, I thought I’d share a little about my Nook Color, and why we love it!

Of course, the original intent of the Nook is for reading ebooks. One of the reasons I chose the Nook Color was for its colorful, kid-friendly books. Many of the books have a “Read to Me” option for pre-readers, and some have other interactive options.

One of our Favorite Nook Books

Another feature I love is the MP3 player. I can download free classic children’s books in audio format and play them on my Nook. Of course, we can also play music from MP3 or Pandora. But my son enjoys listening to The Tale of Peter Rabbit¬†and other stories as he looks at hard copies that we own.

Next, the internet connection allows me to use our favorite websites, including Highlights Highfive magazine’s audio edition.

Plugged into Highlights Highfive

Last, and most recently, are the apps. Nook Color is just now introducing these, and I expect there will be more in the future. Though there are by no means as many as the Apple Apps, we have had fun with the ones they have so far.

Kids educational apps

Some of our favorite new apps include…

Drawing Pad
Shapes Builder Puzzles
National Geographic GeoBee Challenge

There is one other feature that we haven’t really used yet, and that’s the magazine/newspaper subscriptions option. Many of the popular magazines, including some children’s magazines, are available on the Nook Color.

I have loved my Nook Color, and I haven’t even showed you the things I use on it personally. For those of you wondering what the difference is between the Nook Color and the Kindle, I’d add just one more thing. Many of the free ebooks available in epub format or pdf can be transferred to the Nook, whereas the Kindle can only display books in the Kindle format. So, especially if you are interested in checking out the ebooks from public libraries, the Kindle might create some obstacles.

Yes, the iPad can do all that I just described and more, I know. And I’d never turn down a free iPad, but I’m happy with what the Lord has provided for us. And for those of you who’d like some of the iPad features without the hefty price, the Nook Color might be just what you are looking for. It’s been a great fit for us.