Our School Journal-Entry 6

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In my life this week…

We finally made it to the strawberry fields to pick some berries–37 lbs. of berries to be exact. So, anyone guess what I’ve been doing this week?

In our homeschool this week…

I can’t believe we only have one more week of K4 material! My son came to me after our school day was done and said, “Mom, I’ve got an idea. Let’s do school all through the summer.” Glad we’re on the same page, buddy.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

THE HOMESCHOOL BOOK FAIR! I’m just giddy about it, like a child at a birthday party.

My favorite thing this week was…


Smelling Strawberries

She had her face in my strawberry bucket nearly the whole time.

What’s working/not working for us…

This week, I really let my little one come and go through her activities–and what a huge difference it has made in our day. I let her color as long as she was interested. I let her work a pocket or play in the basket at her own choosing. I let her join the Poster Time with us or continue her activity. And I can’t believe it took me this long to finally do this!

We are approaching a big transition point, where she will not be able to follow along with us as well. She’ll need her own letter/number review apart from her brother’s. So, I experimented with relaxing her routine just so that she would be used to doing separate activities. Whereas at the start of school, this adjustment would have been a point of major contention for her (she wants to do everything that brother does), I suppose she’s confident enough in our routine that she kind of likes doing her own thing.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

For those of you who school during the summer, do you maintain the same schedule or do you work it in at different times of the day?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Technology in the classroom–

Both the kids are hooked into Highlights Highfive, each with their own issue of the magazine. My son is on my Nook Color, and my daughter is on the computer. Ahhh! You should have heard the silence. It was beautiful.

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8 thoughts on “Our School Journal-Entry 6

  1. I am starting K4 this year with my son. (we are starting our new school year next week, actually) We are going strawberry picking later in June when our CSA farm has them ripe.

  2. FANTASTIC POST!! What a great week!!!!

    So, I’m new here – is your son 1st grade? K? I just would love to know your routine. I wanted to have a circle time ) or poster time) but I always felt I ran out of time for other subjects. Balance is hard for me. I’d love your tips!

    Great blog!!!

    • Post Author Tracy

      My son is finishing up K4. We’ll be starting some Kindergarten material this summer. I use the workbox system and set a timer. Even our poster time, I try to keep it at about 10-15 minutes. We sing review songs, go over our charts and flashcards, briefly introduce new material or play a review game. The key for us is to keep everything moving pretty quickly. I’ve had to learn that I always have tomorrow if he’s not getting something, and I try to end even the hardest day on a positive note, something he can do well. You can take a tour of our schedule, school room, and curriculum. Just click on the tab Take a Tour at the top of the page.

  3. We school year-round. Mine are a little older, but we finish our history and science in the spring and only do math and reading during the summer. We do the Library summer reading program and I let them choose their books and we do one assignment of math per day. Obviously we take time off for VBS and vacations and whatever else comes up. Much more relaxed.

  4. This is our first summer as homeschoolers. My plan is to start our days with the same routine whether we school or not. We’re going to school on days Daddy works and not on days he’s off. I learned years ago life flows smoother by sticking to the same bedtime and rise time and the same morning routine and bedtime routine. My 15YO used to melt down about getting dressed if we let him delay it on Saturdays!

  5. We try very hard to get our “legal days” in September – April so that we can have May-August – Maine’s warmest months – off, but summer schooling means more field trips, nature study, reading, working on weak areas, and relaxed unschooling.

    So, I’m curious: Why Nook and not Kindle? I keep pondering this question for myself as I want one of them! LOL

    Stopping by from The Homeschool Mother’s Journal! Linking up for the first time!

  6. Over here, we’ve no summer, just a 2 week break and then we continue. 🙂

  7. Yummy strawberries-you have a few extra, right? This is our first summer schooling. We will be keeping to a similar schedule as the school year.

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