Organizing Craft Supplies

I recently re-organized my craft supplies and activities, and I wish I had some “before” pictures. But many of you, I’m sure, know what a craft drawer can look like. I had a tupperware container piled high with stickers, googly eyes, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, ziplock bags of buttons and other misc.

Anyhow, I bought a couple of cheap containers and got to work.

I stuffed my package of googly eyes into the little pink container. My paint brushes and paints fit so snugly into their new home. And even though my pipe cleaners didn’t totally fit, they are still much more at home than when I had them stuffed to the side of my drawer.

(Can you see my pipe cleaners poking their little heads up? I’m still open to ideas for pipe cleaner storage.) My glue and larger paints are no longer rolling around haphazardly. Yeah!

All of my plastic packaging for pom-poms, letter stickers, foam stickers, cotton balls, you name it–is in the trash! What a delight! These containers were 3 for $2, and they stack so nicely. I am absolutely relieved.

Buttons, beads, clothes pins, rings, dice, and other threading activities are no longer in ziplocks–another relief. ¬†All of these small containers came in a package for $2, and again, they stack very nicely in the vertical trays (3 for $1).

Now, I’m down to just one ziplock for our pom-pom magnets. But even this is such an improvement, I can’t help but smile every time I reach for my supplies. Ahhhh!

I’d love to see what you’ve organized. Leave me a link in the comments.