Week In View

"Cozy Corner"

This week is a packed week! Today, we are finishing up the letter “K” by discussing what happens when “c” and “k” get together at the end of word: duck, clock, tick-tock, etc. Then, we are plowing through the letters “V” and “W.” I’m also taking my son through the “1+” addition family.

And, we had a very exciting accomplishment this weekend–my son read two words all on his own, without any promptings. He read “zap” on one of his drinking cups (and we haven’t officially covered the letter “Z” yet), and then he read the word “plastic” on a box. As exciting as it was, it was also truly a humbling moment, when you realize you are a small part of something the Lord is accomplishing in the life of your child, in spite of the fact that there are many moments you have no idea what you are doing.

In my life–we have revival at our church tonight and tomorrow night. In the realm of housework,  I want to perfect a weekly schedule of 5-minute cleaning frenzies, so that I can clean my whole house by the end of the week–just to see if it’s possible. For blogging, I want to write a post that combines several ladies’ stories of why they homeschool. It’s so inspirational for me to read these stories that I thought I’d try to accumulate them into one post for everyone else’s enjoyment. A few other ideas as well, but I’ll save those and just surprise you with them. So check back and see what we are up to! Have a great start to your week.