The Workbox System: Finding your Method

I have loved the idea of workboxes. The method has literally transformed our homeschool. Not only do they keep me organized, but they have kept our day moving–THE key to a successful day with little ones that have zero-attention span.

One fantastic thing about workboxes is the variety. From blog to blog, I see so many variations of this idea, each family finding what works for them.

The basic idea is to have 9-12 compartments (or however many you need) for different assignments and projects. As the child works through the assignments in a compartment, he will take off the number attached to the compartment and add it to a grid. Then, the completed assignments will be returned to the teacher. (For a video tutorial from the originator of the idea, click here.)

Though the original idea calls for actual boxes in a rolling cart, there are so many ways to incorporate the principle. Let me highlight just a few.

The space-saver version is what we use–file folder pockets that hang from the wall using Command Hooks. You can purchase these for around $15 on Amazon (click the picture below to take you there).

Educational Insights the Space Place Classroom Organization Center

Another idea, especially for younger children, are the toy bins or trays. A more expensive option, but they allow little ones to see what’s planned for the day.

Toy Organizer

For older children, some other ideas I have seen include a file box with numbered hanging file folders. The assignment pages would actually go inside the folders, perfect if you have a lot of workbook pages or notebooking pages.

Last idea, create a notebook with pockets and place assignments inside. To see this idea in action, check out the blog posts at Homeschool Creations or Zonnah’s Addictions.

In my next post, we’ll check out ideas for setting up the grid and printables that you can download to get you started. In the meantime, leave a comment or a link to let us know how you have used the workbox method.