“J” and other lessons

We’ve been learning the letters J and K this week, and I couldn’t resist the great opportunity to add some Bible into our lessons. Coloring pages about the life and ministry of Jesus and a handwritten note to Jesus were combined into a keepsake book.

A note to Jesus, traced on handwriting pages

Creating covers for our books
Enjoying the final result

Jesus heals the leper
Our “J” Scavenger Hunt: a jar, jacket, jellybeans, and juggling balls
Enjoying “j”ellybeans

And my toddler has been focusing on her shapes this week. Today, the teddy bears played “Ring-around-the-shape”.

She loved this activity! However, she was distressed that not all of her bears matched the colors of her shapes (i.e. orange bears on a black oval, and–the worst offense–purple bears on a pink heart).

One thought on ““J” and other lessons

  1. Thanks so much for linking to My Shae Noel’s “All Things Wonderful” link party. What a fun learning day. I love your idea of putting the teddy bears around the shapes to play “ring around the shape”. I like how you shared how your daughter was distressed that the bears didn’t match the shape colors perfectly. That sounds just like my little one.
    I hope to have you share again and I look forward to visiting the rest of your blog.
    Take care,

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