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Last week…

Our Rainbow Mobile: water + sunshine = rainbow

This week, we are tackling the letters J and K. I’m very excited, because that means Jesus will be the center of much of our week! “Jesus is King” gets both of our letters in there, so that is more or less the theme we are adopting. I have several coloring pages of Jesus and his ministry from A Beka Readiness Skills K4, and I’m going to let the kids make a book from those pages toward the end of the week. Each week we write a note to someone who’s name begins with the letter we are learning, so one page of our book will be a letter to Jesus. I can’t wait.

On my end, I’d like to finalize my book fair plans and curriculum/book lists for the year as well as plug away at lesson plans. (I did get the next six weeks of phonics lessons planned out on Homeschool Skedtrack.) I’m taking a bold step this summer–ending the A Beka K4 curriculum after we’ve completed the alphabet and launching into lesson 61 of A Beka Kindergarten (skipping the review and where the two overlap). And then…housework, laundry, legos, baby dolls, nature walks, and whatever other surprises the Lord decides to throw in there as well. Have a great week!