Week in View

Last Week…

This week, we’re learning the letters R (rainbow) and F (flowers, fish). We have lots of fun planned, including a rainbow mobile, teaching what it takes to make a rainbow; and fishing for blends and one-vowel words.

On my end, I’m going to be plugging away with planning for this summer. My goal is to have at least phonics planned out by the end of this week, transitioning from a letter a week to a special sound a week. And, I’m setting up my teacher notebook. I’ll post photos when I’m done.

Some upcoming blog items…

  • planning for a book fair, what I’m doing to prepare
  • combatting criticism
  • more on self-made handwriting sheets
  • more on our workboxes and how to set up your own
  • and, of course, our school journal entry
Mind you, that list is not necessarily in order of posts and not necessarily all for this week, just my latest brainstorms. Stick around for the journey! And have a super week.