Organizing Web Resources for your Homeschool

Have you ever found an idea for your homeschool but you’re not quite ready to use it yet? Maybe next month. Maybe next year. There’s not always a good way to store those ideas, especially the ones you find on the internet.

That is just one of the reasons why I love Evernote. Ideas for recipes, crafts, and curriculum are “clipped” from a website in just a click of a button and filed away into the folder that I designate. Take pictures of items with your phone and file them away in the same way. The program can even search those photos and websites you’ve filed, detecting text in the photo itself. You know what that means? No more scrap pieces of paper floating around.

I have used it to refine my plans for geography next year. I’ve even used my library websites to create lists of books that I want for a particular unit, “clipped” the list with Evernote, and filed it away. Now, when I’m ready for that unit, I know what books I want and which library they are at.

Next year’s spelling program, science for the dialectic stage (5th-8th grade in classical education), apologetics for the rhetoric stage (high school)–whatever I happen across as I’m surfing the internet can be neatly filed away and easily retrieved. It’s even great for filing away blog ideas. The possibilities are really endless. Check it out and see what it can do for you!¬†Or, check out it’s close cousin SpringPad, which might work better for PC users.

And did I mention that both services are free! Can’t get any better than that.