Celebrating Sprouts!

We have sprouts! That’s great news for me, since gardening is usually a humbling lesson in failure. My little helpers are very excited.

Garden bean sprouts
Morning Glories along the fence line
Lettuce sprouts
Peppers in pots, from the nursery
Other herbs, also from the nursery

We have a hungry little animal or two or three that put an end to my herbs last year; thus, all the pots and hanging baskets–all in high hopes of discouraging some of that snacking.

Tuckered out

Inside, we had even more garden fun. We’ve been learning “s”eeds, “g”arden, and “p”ots. So, we made these cute carrot “p”atches with peanut butter wafer cookies, chocolate wafer cookies and chocolate icing, and Mike and Ikes/gumdrop carrots. Family Fun magazine provided the inspiration for the project.

Little One loves to "cook" (and she wanted all her bows in her hair that day; why not, you're only young once)
Ready for tasting. Enjoy, little one! It might by your only "harvest."
  • Our first garden post, Celebrating Life, was actually featured on my Homekeepers blog.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Sprouts!

  1. I love the candy carrots!
    Would you happen to know where you got the little wheel barrow?

    • It’s a John Deere wheelbarrow. We got them for the kids for Christmas, and I believe we purchased them off of Amazon. My daughter has a pink one!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your garden update and the great inside activities to supplement outside learning. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your sprouts:) I love that pic of your son sitting in the wheelbarrow~adorable!

  4. cool! new follower! love the pics- so cute!

  5. Awww! I love the pictures!

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