I suppose it’s only natural to begin a blog on the homeschool journey by introducing how I started off on the journey. My parents decided to homeschool our family as my brother was finishing up 7th grade and as I was finishing up 1st grade. They had encountered several problems with administration where serious issues had not been dealt with properly, both in the public school (where my brother had first attended) and in the private schools (where my brother and I both attended). Finally, my family decided the task must be done at home. With a junior higher, an early elementary student, and a soon to be kindergartner, my mother started off on a pretty incredible journey. ┬áIn those early days of homeschooling in the late 80’s, there wasn’t a whole lot out there as far as support and curriculum. My mother was one of the pioneers in a lot of ways. And I’m thankful for her.

In God’s grace, I was granted the opportunity to attend the college that had shaped much of my early years in homeschooling, Pensacola Christian College. After graduation, I stayed on to teach some English grammar and writing classes, met my husband who began seminary training there, had my first child, and transferred to a part-time position writing and editing for A Beka Book Publishing. Both my children had their start at Pensacola’s nursery program, and it was a great start.

Then, the Lord called us to North Carolina. What a journey of grace it has been! The decision to homeschool our children was a natural one, though not without lots of thought and prayer. We have chosen a classical education model for our children, and are looking forward to beginning that journey.

Whether you are just contemplating this path or pretty far down the road, let me encourage you that, though the homeschool path is far from smooth and has a number of jarring potholes, you have numerous fellow pilgrims traveling with you. Stop and chat with a few, walk together with others, and help those who are stumbling along beside you. God has grace for us all, and we are all growing in His knowledge.

Tips and tools:

  • If you haven’t formed a vision for your homeschool yet, let me encourage you to do so. Check out this link for an encouraging post on getting started and a downloadable vision worksheet. (She also has amazing printables to check out.)