Celebrating Life

Spring is in the air, and I’m feeling it–the itch to grow something, the desire to explore the critters beneath those unfurling leaves, the yearning for nature walks and picnics. I’m not a gardner, mind you. I fail utterly. But I love life and the beauty of spring. To me, everything about spring reminds me of Easter, as if all of Creation were celebrating when death was conquered and Life surged from the grave. And I want to be a part of that celebration.

We do hope to plant some herbs this year, maybe some peppers, perhaps a leafy vegetable like lettuce; and then maintain our tomato plants. And I’ve got my Farmers Almanac calendar out to see if maybe this year we can do it right. But I suppose my greatest ambition this season is to explore the garden with the kids and use this opportunity to remind them of who it was that brought death into the world (Adam) and Who it was that brought life into this world–twice!

I want to pass on to my children, not just the itch to garden (no matter how many times you fail), but the urge to celebrate with all the rest of Creation. No rock will take my place crying out His praise.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Life

  1. It is amazing that even when you fail, you still want to grow things. Good luck with your garden!

    • Post Author homekeepers

      Thanks! I tend to be an endless optimist. Each year, there’s the hope that “this year will be different.” I hope THIS year will be! lol.

  2. What a beautiful post!! Thanks for linking up from the HSV Team – the next link up is April 28. May God bless your efforts in the garden and in your children’s hearts!

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