Ways to Say "I love you": Valentine's Craft

For each of these ideas, start by purchasing a heart-shaped craft box, reusing old heart candy boxes, or making your own heart-shaped boxes. Click here for some free templates.

Free Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Paper Models

  1. For young children, you will need 2-3 sheets of plain white paper or colored construction paper and markers, crayons, a pencil, etc. Show the child how to write o‘s and x‘s on their paper. Then, help the child cut out the o‘s and x‘s; for letters grouped closely together, just cut out the whole cluster as one piece. Place all of the pieces in your heart box for a gift of hugs and kisses to last your loved one all year.
  2. For older children, help them brainstorm a list of “conversation-heart” messages. Cut small hearts from pieces of construction paper or colored cardstock and write your messages on the hearts. Or, share the love of God in your heart box. Find a list of Bible verses on the topic of “love” and write them on the heart cut-outs.
  3. For a quick gift, fill the boxes with small candies and hand them out to friends.